Lucky Us

Amy Bloom

Published: 4 June 2015
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781847089397

About the author

Image of Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom is the author of three collections of short stories, Where the God of Love Hangs Out (Granta, 2010), Come to Me and A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, also published in one volume Rowing to Eden(Granta, 2015), a collection of essays, Normal, and three novels, Lucky Us (Granta, 2014), Away (Granta, 2007),and Love Invents Us. She is the Shapiro-Silverberg Professor of Creative Writing at Wesleyan University. More about the author


‘[An] entertaining and disturbing subversion of what we thought we knew about Hollywood, the second world war, family life and the nature of good luck’ Jane Smiley



Lucky Us indeed - another Amy Bloom book. And, if it's possible, even more powerful and affecting than her last novel, Away. This is a poignant book that manages to be funny, an unflinching portrait that manages to be tender, a tough story that manages to also have jazz and grace. Bloom is one of those of great writers who keeps stepping into new territory, entirely unafraid. She is one of America's most unique and gifted literary voices’ Colum McCann, author

Lucky Us is a remarkable accomplishment. One waits a long time for a novel of this scope and dimension, replete with surgically-drawn characters, a mix of comedy and tragedy that borders on the miraculous, and sentences that should be in a sentence museum. Amy Bloom is a treasure’ Michael Cunningham, author

Lucky Us sings and sighs in equally exquisite measure and surely sets Amy Bloom even higher in the firmament of first-rate fiction’ Madeleine Kingsley ‘Book of the Year’

‘A brilliant tragic-comic tale’ Viv Groskop

‘A coming-of-age story with heart... [enlivened] with understated humor as well as offbeat and unforgettable characters’ starred review

‘A vibrant yet devastating examination of people and opportunity’

‘Almost inappropriately beautiful... A convincing and even joyous celebration of alternative family’ Lesley McDowell

‘Amy Bloom has a way with eye-catching openings... [and reassures] us that the impossibility of permanence doesn't rule out the possibility of happiness’ Alastair Mabbott

‘Bloom is a dab hand at period detail [and] a sharp, pithy writer. The writing is slick and witty; the plot bowls along at a terrific pace. There is plenty to delight the reader’ Pamela Norris

‘Bloom is astonishingly deft - whenever you think you've got the novel figured out, she unmoors you with a sudden kink in the narrative... [This] deserves to be a hit - it feels both powerfully exotic and universal in its insights into the human condition... A triumph’ Ed Power

‘Electrifying and inventive... the novel's superb opening lines set the tone for this worldly and sardonically funny tale... Beautifully precise and frequently stunning’ Holly Kyte

‘Entirely enthralling... It opens with two killer lines, typical of Bloom's startling economy with words and faculty in scene setting. Vivid and deliciously described’ Bernice Harrison

‘Filled with twists and beautiful set pieces... Unforgettable’ Francesca Angelini

‘Full of intriguing characters and lots of surprises... Excellent’ starred review

‘I admired Bloom's evocative tale of an eccentric 1940s family’ Sinead Gleeson ‘Book of the year’

‘I always like Amy Bloom's books... [This is] a complex relationship between two girls that becomes an even more complex relationship between two women’ Lionel Shriver

‘Inventive, stunning, triumphant’ Holly Kyte

‘Mesmerising’ Sue Leonard

‘Spare and trusting, Bloom invites readers to fill the spaces her pretty prose allows, with true and beautiful results’ starred review

‘The literary equivalent of sunlight on water - all dazzle and surprise. The story grabs you straight by the heart. Lucky Us sings and sighs in equally exquisite measure, and surely sets Amy Bloom even higher in the firmament of first-rate fiction. If you read only one book this month, make it this’ Madeleine Kingsley

‘This is a novel of enormous charm; deeply touching and often very funny. Bloom is bliss’ Kate Saunders

‘Unsettling, lavish with detail, daringly told... An unusual novel, rich and strange, often exhilarating. Its powerful images stay with you’ Susie Boyt

‘What I enjoyed most about reading Lucky Us was that I never knew what was coming on the next page - and it was always brilliant’ Roddy Doyle, author

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