Where The God Of Love Hangs Out

Amy Bloom

Published: 3 March 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 208 pages
ISBN: 9781847081698

About the author

Image of Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom is the author of three collections of short stories, Where the God of Love Hangs Out (Granta, 2010), Come to Me and A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, also published in one volume Rowing to Eden(Granta, 2015), a collection of essays, Normal, and three novels, Lucky Us (Granta, 2014), Away (Granta, 2007),and Love Invents Us. She is the Shapiro-Silverberg Professor of Creative Writing at Wesleyan University. More about the author


‘[She writes about middle age] as though it were as delicious and exhilarating as youth (which, in its way, it is - if only anyone but Bloom had noticed) ... Her writing is so distilled, so economical and clever and muscular and affectionate that even as you wish there was more of it, really you know that she has said everything there is to say, quite perfectly’ Jane Shilling



‘A brilliantly crafted collection of intertwined stories ... peppered with surprises and rich with humour and fondness for the characters’ Ben Felsenburg

‘A thoroughly enjoyable short fiction collection from Amy Bloom, who is as sharp at delineating the delights of love as she is at exposing its vagaries. Many of the characters in this luxurious volume are middle-aged and her sinewy prose gleefully mines the comic potential of their various predicaments alongside slivers of heart-snagging tenderness’ Claire Allfree

‘Amy Bloom has the gift of drawing you into her fictional worlds so swiftly and acquainting you with her characters so deftly that, within a few short sentences, you feel you must have known these people and places in a previous life ... Bloom shows us love in all its glorious, painful complexity’ Rebecca Abrams

‘Amy Bloom is a fine writer, really a very fine writer: a scrupulous observer of widely varying human types and the precise kinds of bric-a-brac they surround themselves with, a maker of exceedingly elegant sentences, and a sophisticated storyteller’ James Lasdun

‘Beautifully astute ... The subtle, stirring title story ably illustrates Ms. Bloom's tremendous gift for imagining life as a series of choices, with the paths not taken as vivid as the ones that are’

‘Bloom describes love affairs with great humanity and in tender sensual terms ... The warmth and compassion of her fiction owe much to her gift for conveying the humour of intimate transactions without belittling them ... Formerly a practicing psychotherapist Bloom is a skilful literary writer with an ear for dialogue and an artful ability to construct narratives around running motifs and associative refrains’ Alison Kelly

‘Bloom's captivating prose simultaneously captures the allure of forbidden love and the triumph of steadfast relationships’

‘Bloom's fiercely elegant sly prose, so perfectly suited to the short story, her psychotherapist background that gives her writing such authority, the intelligence she assumes in her readers - it's the stuff of which readers' obsessions are made ... The stories are good humoured, hopeful, passionate, and celebrate the less than perfect - the ageing and greying. These are lessons in how to live , delivered with a truthfulness that would be terrifying were it not tempered by the romantic conclusion that all will be fine if, once you have found love, you hang out there’ Nicola Barr

‘Compassionate, witty and wise, these stories are an artful blend of grand passion and more mundane domestic detail. So pretty true to life, in other words’ Amber Pearson

‘Each story is a delicious morsel that gets to the heart of messy, unconditional love’ Holly Kyte

‘Everyone of these short stories about love - from middle-age affairs to familial duty - will leave its mark on you. Married or single, you'll love it’

‘For a collection that promises such a grand revelation in its title, it is beautifully understated. Love is not a victory march, as Leonard Cohen famously wrote; for Bloom, it is a series of tiny incidents, actions, even silences that crystallise over time into that rare human emotion’ Joy Lo Dico

‘Her characters are never less than sympathetically rendered, making it hard to leave them behind’ Charlotte Sinclair

‘Her characters are very believable, of the moment, and also original and surprising. Above all, her writing is lovely: the words sparkle along, in the speedy river of wit which is almost a hallmark of the contemporary American short story. It's a highly entertaining style, and the juxtaposition of that wisecracking Woody Allen-ish voice with profound insights into the human heart is highly effective ... This is a great piece of fiction, thought provoking, and highly entertaining’ Éilís Ní Dhuibhne

‘Her sentences are clear and inviting, her plots have arcs, and moment by moment the stories ring emotionally true. This is unrelentingly pleasurable fiction ... Bloom's writing manages to be at once light and grave. She treats her characters with a seriousness that makes them real. That is the odd, neat trick of all good fiction’ Lionel Shriver

‘She writes in beautifully wrought prose, with spunky humor and a flair for delectably eccentric details. Her narrative talents include a fine touch with flashbacks, which she handles as suavely as any writer I can think of. Her gift for dialogue is equally terrific ... Brava, Ms. Bloom. Send us an equally sly, dashing book very soon, please’ Francine du Plessix Gray

‘Stories of breathtaking intimacy and audacity’ Sophie Lewis

‘The author of some of the most sublime brief fictions currently being published ... [Where the God of Love Hangs Out] is a pitch-perfect collection’

‘These beautifully written stories explore morally complicated sexual relationships; the four featuring Lionel and Julia are particularly good’

‘These sensitive stories each capture moments at which body or heart are at breaking point ... The finely wrought sentences are short and taut, as if the often incapacitated characters are wasting no time in telling their tales ... In Bloom's capable hands, the short story is perfect for depicting lives in which love hangs out in snatched, secret moments of hectic days’ Anita Sethi

‘Unforgettably good. Each of these stories is like a tiny perfect novel, excitingly brilliant, full of compassion and warmth and pain. Amy Bloom is one of the greats’ Charlotte Mendelson

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